Megyn Hermez professional journey is anything but typical. One fateful submission to a Craig’s List ad took her to the height of her dancing career touring with the soul legend, Charlie Wilson, former lead singer of The Gap Band. Hermez has been seen performing at The Grammy Awards, The Wendy Williams Show, Lopez Tonight, The Mo Nique Show, The Essence Music Festival, Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage, Steve Harvey Annual Hoodie Awards, Macy’s Music Festival, and The Golden Trumpet Awards just to name a few. Within the course of two years, Hermez found herself on over 200 stages around the world. She had accomplished all of this by the young age of 19.

Over the years, Megyn has taken the road less traveled to arrive at her final destination as an International Electronic Recording Artist and Songwriter. Turning down multiples record deals throughout her shift from dancer to artist, Hermez decided to independently release her single, Steal My Crown, following her debut album, Music Is Music.  The single charted on the MediaBase Activator charts for 7 straits weeks, leaving her inches away from the Billboard Charts before she decided to put the music on hold.  It was a pivotal moment in which she discovered that her own music wasn’t singing to her, and she took a step back to reevaluate the truth behind her work.
After a one month tour in Brazil to eradicate sexual exploitation and child prostitution in 2014, Megyn relocated to Ibiza, Spain, taking an offer to work for world renown DJ Steve Aoki.  Spending the summer on an island that was driven by dance music, Hermez had fallen in love with a completely different sound.  She spent time studying the world of electronic music, with a passionate interest about the culture and creation process behind it all.  It was evident that she belonged and could see herself creating none other than that.

Post Europe, she moved out to New York City where is currently completing her new EP in addition to studying at The Broadway Dance Center, preparing for the launch of her new music and performances to follow. “I’ve spent a lot of time reinventing myself as an artist, and as a human being. I had to. Every single moment in time is an opportunity to discover who you are being, and in that moment you are left with a choice,” States Hermez.

Megyn’s new music is described as Downtempo Electronica adding trap, trance, dance and dubstep elements.  It showcases her artistry, giving space to share herself as a musician and dancer with lyrics that relate to all walks of life. Megyn Hermez is scheduled to release new music this summer. Release dates to be announced.